OPTO NANO is an abstract and athletic journey through the cutting-edge research of Professor Paola Borri. Created with an exceptional cast of 5 performers, this contemporary dance work brings biophysics to the stage; exploring pioneering cell imaging techniques using microscopes and lasers. Light beams, laser pulses, symmetries, colours, and stretching cell bonds are some of the ideas which have informed the physical world of this work. Powered by an electronic sound score from critically acclaimed Welsh composer R.SEILIOG, the choreography proudly champions collaboration from across different worlds in a dynamic burst of movement, light and colour. Uniquely presented in both live and digital formats, the work is created for live theatre performances as well as immersive digital performances using motion capture and 360° film. 
Theatre Performance: 60 minutes (with interval)
Immersive Digital Performance: 20 minutes + 10 minute pre-show film


Artistic Direction & Choreography

Jack Philp

Sound Design & Original Composition


Lighting Concept

Barnaby Booth

Lighting Realisation

Joshua Harriette 

Costume Design

Esther Kilbride


Gaia Cicolani

Fern Grimbley

Chelsea Gordon

Rose Lewis

Chandenie Gobardhan

Stage Manager

Kristian Rhodes

Lead Technician

Elizabeth Chiu

Digital Artists & Designers

Uncharted Limbo Collective

Academic Partner

Prof. Paola Borri


Jonathan Dunn


Kirsten McTernan

Mesmeric, striking and avant-garde

Hari Berrow
Buzz magazine

Enthralling. A unifying experience I shan’t forget

Hanna Lyn Hughes
Get The Chance
As a part of our 2022 Tour of OPTO NANO we premiered a digital version of the work using immersive 360° cinema. Together with London based digital art and technology group; Uncharted Limbo Collective, we created a digital film inspired by our scientific starting point and designed visuals for the dome at CULTVR Lab; a cross-disciplinary arts space bringing together digital arts, live performance and immersive cinema. We recorded our live stage show using motion capture equipment which was then used to inspire and affect the digital world overhead. The reimagined iteration of our production involved one cast member performing live under the visual film which contained data from our other dancers.