We are thrilled to be sharing our work with you and joining you once again in performance spaces after what feels like such a long time. Thank you for being here with us on this journey, we’re excited to see you.
Live dance meets digital projection in this unique reimagining of our production OPTO NANO under the dome at CULTVR LAB. OPTO NANO is an abstract and athletic journey through the cutting-edge research of Professor Paola Borri. Created with Uncharted Limbo Collective, this contemporary dance work brings biophysics to the stage; exploring pioneering cell imaging techniques using microscopes and lasers. Powered by an electronic sound score from critically acclaimed Welsh composer R.SEILIOG, the choreography proudly champions collaboration from across different worlds in a dynamic burst of movement, colour, digital data and mind bending animations.
Mae dawns fyw yn cwrdd â thaflunio digidol yn yr ailwampiad unigryw hwn o’n cynhyrchiad OPTO NANO o dan y gromen yn CULTVR LAB. Mae OPTO NANO yn daith haniaethol a llawn symud yn seiliedig ar ymchwil arloesol yr Athro Paola Borri. Wedi’i greu gyda Uncharted Limbo Collective, mae’r gwaith dawns cyfoes hwn yn dod â bioffiseg i’r llwyfan; yn archwilio technegau delweddu celloedd arloesol gan ddefnyddio microsgopau a laserau. Gyda sgôr sain electronig gan y cyfansoddwr enwog o Gymru R.SEILIOG, mae’r coreograffi yn falch o hyrwyddo cydweithredu ar draws gwahanol fydoedd mewn ffrwydrad deinamig o symudiadau, lliw, ddata digidol ac animeiddiadau anhygoel.
A message from the Artistic Director:
To capture some of Professor Borri’s research in a creative sense has been a privilege. OPTO NANO is a physical expression of the methodologies, dynamic characteristics of the research and the equipment itself. In many ways the language from the lab, and from this research area, was incredibly kinaesthetic; it has movement at its core. We are simply lifting that into an artistic space and I am excited for people to meet those ideas in a new way because of this creation. In a lot of ways both the arts and science offer a sense of possibility, they lead us to discover new things, and discovery has been such an integral part of our process as a team. The work was something we started pre-pandemic with early rehearsals in 2019, we hung on, continued to explore and think as wildly as we could, and I’m really proud to finally be able to share the work with you now in full. I want to thank the brilliant team behind this project and all those who have contributed to the journey over that time, they have inspired me in so many ways.
A message from our Academic Partner:
I have two passions in my life, scientific research, and dance. While moving around Europe for my research career, I kept attending contemporary dance classes at an amateur level. I met Jack when I joined his dance class in Cardiff in 2018, and I was truly impressed by his artistic style. On chatting after class, we realised our mutual interest in art-science collaborations. I invited Jack to visit my lab at Cardiff University and we were both thrilled by the opportunity of translating some of my research into dance. We exchanged thoughts and ideas, and it became apparent that we shared a lot of common language and enthusiasm. While explaining my research work in terms of “light beams”, “laser pulses”, “light-matter interactions”. “ressonances”, “colours”, “symmetries” Jack immediately captured the potential of expressing these. I have been absolutely thrilled to be involved in this project and truly inspired by the power of dance as a physical expression of the scientific world. I hope that OPTO NANO will fascinate the public and raise curioisty about the science behind it.
During our production residency in November 2021 in Cardiff, our full team met together and we brought the work to life. Thanks to The Dance House and National Dance Company Wales for their support of this work. 
Recently, with thanks to Ballet Cymru and the support of their WIP22 programme, we took our rehearsals to Newport ahead of the tour launch this spring. You can watch our rehearsal film below.

Artistic Direction & Choreography // Cyfarwyddyd Artistig a Choreograffi

Jack Philp

Sound Design & Original Composition // Dylunio Sain a Chyfansoddiad Gwreiddiol


Costume Design // Dylunio Gwisgoedd

Esther Kilbride

Dancer // Dawnswyr

Gaia Cicolani

Lead Technician // Technegydd Arweiniol

Ieuan Watkins

Digital Artists & Designers // Artistiaid a Dylunwyr Digidol

Uncharted Limbo Collective

Academic Partner // Partner Academaidd

Professor Paola Borri

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