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    “Jack offers an informed and sophisticated approach to contemporary dance technique with artistically athletic movements driven through space.”
    - David Kam | Dancer: Transitions Dance Company (2015) Natalie Su Company (2016)

    “Jack brings a very encouraging, positive and fun atmosphere to his classes which motivates everyone to work to their maximum effort, supporting a high level of energy. He teaches in a very clear and concise manner with a down to earth approach and is always more than happy to go over anything you’re struggling with in the class.”
    - Jacob Sheibani | Dancer: Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

    “I have seen Jack work effectively with students who have lots of dance experience as well as young people who are quite new to dance, and he always approaches the class with energy, flare and a determination to help mould and shape each dancers ability. Charismatic, enthusiastic, bubbling with energy. Jack’s classes are always fast paced, fun, challenging and rewarding. He has a very natural ability to command the classes attention and gain their respect, which in turn means that they work hard for him and have desire to strive to meet the challenges that he sets for them.”
    - Hannah Batley | Director of Zambesi Dance Company

    “I liked the variety of things we did, and loved all the floor work! Also I loved the creative section, I was a bit apprehensive with creative work, but playing around with the choreography he had given was fun, and I don’t imagine the others would have done anything like that before. Overall I loved the class, and was glad I went along!”
    - Chloe Marie Phillips | Dancer: Northern School Contemporary Dance

    “The students have improved so much in their first term with Jack.  Their posture and flexiblility is most noticeable, as is their confidence to try new things.   All really enage with him. Jack participates in his teaching 100%, and having teachers that can demonstrate, explain and enagage as well as Jack is inspiring for all. Professional, engaging, varied and challenging yet achievable.”
    - Sara Ordana | Director of Castaway Management

    “I think that Jack’s classes really help me to expand my knowledge and ability regarding contemporary technique, but also improving my work and overall potential as a dancer in other styles. His classes are extremely interesting and fun and I’ve learnt that contemporary technique is so much more than what I thought it was.”
    - Louis Partridge | Youth Dancer

    “His teaching is brilliantly holistic which makes me feel he is encouraging a complete dancer and not just a technical one. Very articulate. Very passionate. Inspiring.”
    - Lynne Stanley | Parent

    “The classes have definitely helped me with posture, flexibility and breathing and they have really helped with my GCSE studies at school. Challenging, engaging, time goes too quick. Really enjoy the mix of content in the class, and also the growth the group is experiencing together.   Jack is an inspiring teacher.”
    - Robbie Ordana | Youth Dancer